Hello Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by to see my website… it’s still a work in progress.

Before you check out the rest of the site, I just wanted to give you a head’s up about my pricing page.  My ideal clients are those who have annual revenue of between $150,000 – $250,000 or more.  Those clients should be able to afford the monthly price I mention on my pricing page.  I can also set up a quarterly service package for businesses who earn less revenue.  The two main differences will be that for monthly clients, I’ll have a higher transaction limit (number of items I’ll reconcile) and I’ll issue and review financial reports on a monthly basis.  Quarterly clients will have a lower transaction limit and I’ll issue and review financial reports on a quarterly basis. I’ll be working remotely, so clients will need to be willing to use online accounting software. The quarterly or monthly service fee will include a subscription to either Quickbooks Online or Xero.  I haven’t quite decided on the quarterly service fee yet, but I’m thinking $150 – $175 per month.

If any of you have a business and would like more information, please fill out my contact form.  Use code : F&F in the comment box so I know you saw this page and I’ll definitely work with you on pricing.  If you don’t personally need bookkeeping services, but know another business owner who might, please refer that person to my home page: www.bookkeeperhat.com (not this page please.)  Tell the person to make sure they put your name in the Referred By box.  And if you make a referral and think they might forget to use your name, you can fill out the contact form to let me know who you referred and I’ll keep an eye out for them.

I appreciate any referrals you can send my way.  Getting the first few clients is the hardest part, so I’ll definitely be grateful for any help with that!